Abschied mit Licht. Hier bekommen Sie die Unterstützung, die Sie brauchen.

"Seek for the resting place not in the earth,
but in the hearts of many."



The Final Farewell of a loved one is undertaken in a unique and personal way, and consequently every funeral is different.

Although it is difficult to give accurate estimates of total costs, I have itemized the following requests and services that are common to many clients. My fee is CHF140.- per hour. I do not charge for expenses such as travel or phone calls.

The first meeting is free of charge.

My services:

1. One or two meetings with relatives (about 2-3 hours)

2. Contact with churches, funeral directors, non-denominational ministers,
    and crematoriums (about 1 hour).

3. Arrangements for music.

4. Assistance in writing a life’s summary of the deceased (about 3 hours).

5. Formulation of obituaries and circulars reporting the death and placement
    in the newspaper(s) of your choice (about 1 hour).

6. Printing and mailing of obituaries and circulars (1-2 hours).

7. Floral arrangements and memorial decorations for visitation or viewing of
    the deceased (about 0.5 hours).

8. Assistance with the memorial / funeral / urn display (about 2 hours).

9. Organisation of memorial social gatherings, and advice and arrangements
    for catering in the home or other facility (about 0.5 hours).

10. Execution of all formalities and arrangements with officials (1-2 hours).

Decorations such as candle holders etc. will be charged according to quantity.

Expenses: none