Abschied mit Licht. Schenken Sie sich und Ihren Angehörigen Klarheit.
"Seek for the resting place not in the earth, but in the hearts of many"

Make your wishes clear, for your own peace of mind and that of your loved ones.

Have you ever imagined how you would like your last farewell to be? Perhaps you would like to have your urn interred in a family grave or you know of a particular countryside location where one day you would have your loved ones scatter your ashes?

Nowadays it is possible for you to individually organise your own farewell. Therefore it is even more important that those who will be acting in your interests are familiar with your wishes, which they will be responsible for carrying out.

Contact me to talk about the day of your final farewell. You can leave your wishes with me so that your loved ones will know how your farewell should be arranged when the time comes. The checklist will help you to decide on your own requirements and to formulate your wishes in a precise manner.

Download checklist as PDF